Wednesday, November 21, 2012


"Swap-bot" has been my answer to the question "What have you been up to lately?"  I mostly enjoy swapping postcards, but occasionally I will branch out and do an ATC or a crochet swap.  I would really like to try a "Smash Book" or a "Junk Journal".  Have you SEEN those?  Search for it on YouTube.  It's pretty cool in my opinion.  A perfect craft for a paper junky who loves to save all sorts of papers, tags, envelopes, etc.

Here are some pictures of what has been coming in and going out of my mailbox in the last week.

These are postcards I sent for the swap "November - 11th Month - 11 Postcards - USA".  I loved sharing them.

These are postcards I received Monday this week for various swaps.

This is a postcard I sent for the swap "One Word to Describe Your Day - Postcard - USA".  Do you know what that word means?  I didn't want to use a simple word.  Anyone can describe their day with a common word.  I wanted to make it more interesting.  Plus I learned a new word!
This is an ATC I did for the "Trees ATC" swap.  Thinking a little outside the box, I sorta Zentangled  it.
And this is the envelope in which I sent it.

So that is a little of what I've been doing the past week.  It feels great to get out a little creativity.

Now I want to crochet something.... I'm thinking maybe Christmas ornaments. :)  Here are just a few ideas....  But since I'm leaning towards snowflakes, check out these boards!  Can you sing "Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!"?!!!

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