Sunday, December 23, 2012


Yesterday I was viewing GeorgiaPeachez's beautiful holiday decor pictured on her blog, and I LOVED the silver tinsel tree she had pictured.  Strangely, when I was young, I liked nothing silver.  Nothing!  In jewelry, it had to be gold - I thought silver jewelry was boring.  No gray clothing.  No gray paint.  Nothing!  Yet now, at age 44 years, I love silver anything!  Silver/gray paint, silver jewelry, and silver Christmas trees!  So seeing GeorgiaPeachez's tree I just melted inside.  Soooo beautiful!  I wished I had a silver tree....

And then today I was looking through totes of Christmas decor I had packed up from last year, and in the bottom of a box I found a 2' fiber optic tinsel SILVER!  Wheeeeee!  I only VAGUELY remember getting this tree last year.  Or did someone give it to me...I can't remember.  But I don't remember even using it last year!  It is supposed to have an adapter, since it is a fiber optic tree, but it was not in the box.  So I'm not sure if someone gave this to me or I bought it at the thrift store after Christmas...Regardless of how I obtained it, imagine how THRILLED I was today to discover that I - *I* - had a SILVER tree!  Ah, simple joys.

I'll get a picture uploaded soon to share with you.   Here's that picture I promised!

I didn't decorate it this year, but maybe next year I will have some vintage ornaments to add.  I'd like to find some pink or turquoise or lime green ornaments.  Did they make those colors "back then"?  Whenever THAT was.

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