Sunday, December 30, 2012


Here we are on the precipice of a new year.  2013!  I am looking forward to it and anticipating lots of good things.  One has to be positive, after all.

Our Christmas was spent here at home, just hubby and I and the children.  I would have loved to have spent it with my parents or brother and sister-in-law and their family, but didn't hear what everyone's plans were.  We must PLAN something for next year.  But overall we had a good Christmas just the six of us. :)

And now I'm looking forward to the next holiday - Valentine's Day!  I love Valentine's Day....the colors of pinks and reds, the chocolate, the flowers, the symbolic LOVE of the holiday.  I saw this tin of chocolate when I was out and about today, and I loved (pun intended) the unique twist of this heart.

Most Valentine's Day boxes of chocolate are the typical and symmetrical heart shape, so something different tends to catch my eye.  I also love the boxes of chocolate that are covered in fabric or some other texture...I'm a tactile kind of girl.  But about this box of chocolate, I loved that it was tin, it was a "different" heart shape, and it wasn't a lot of money.  So I bought it!  And now the chocolates are gone.  Oh, I shared them with the family.  I think I got one out of the box.  Don't feel sorry for me because, to be honest, I like the tin better than the chocolate.  ;)  All I can see is craftiness in this!

For example, the tin itself has a raised relief that reminds me of my love of zendoodling.  There's a tag on the ribbon that can be used as a template to make new tags or little heart cards, and of course, it mimics the unique heart shape of the tin.  And look at the inside of this tin!  While I'm not sure how to re-use the plastic insert with heart-shaped bowls that held the chocolates, I am sure I'll find a use.  Any ideas?  Look what else is in the tin...when a chocolate is removed, a little sentiment is discovered underneath!  What a sweet surprise!  The sentiments are actually on a separate cardstock-type of paper under the plastic bowls and can be removed.  I'm thinking of cutting the sentiments apart and using them in other crafts.  Yes, this was a really crafty tin.

I love Valentine's Day!

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